Living Beyond Grief


March 1st, 2022

24 mins 7 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Loss is a topic we often shy away from as a society but all of us at some point or another will go through it. Having suffered several devastating personal losses, our guest Jodie, shares her journey of finding hope, of finding life after loss.

Grief can overhwhelm us when we cling too to it, and if we don't deal with our loss we can find ourselves unable to function. For some though, it's easier to deny grief and that can hold us back from living fully as we try avoid hurt, pain, and in turn avoid hope, joy and love. We need to take the time to acknowledge our loss and grieve in order to move passed it. Our guest reminds us that even in times of grief there is joy to be found everyday. She encourages us to work through the pain, as difficult as that might be, and to find purpose from our pain.

Have you suffered a loss recently and have struggled to move passed the pain? Our coaching team is available to speak to you and walk alongside you. For more information see:

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Dr. Jodie R. Harper, MD is a wound care physician specialist and a nationally recognized leader in her field. She is based in Indianapolis but is called upon to travel statewide to share her expertise and provide advanced wound care education to patients and communities on wound prevention. Healthy skin recovery and maintenance is a passion of hers, and she started ClarityMD to use her knowledge and training to offer special attention to each patient and cultivate a long-lasting relationship.